This is Why Flammable Safety Cabinets Are Vital To Your Workplace

This is Why Flammable Safety Cabinets Are Vital To Your Workplace

Flammable storage cabinets are important to have in workplaces where employees are close to, handling or storing hazardous chemicals. These chemicals are dangerous due to being flammable, they can ignite and cause damage to workplaces, and the environment and endanger worker safety.

So anytime these flammable chemicals are sitting unused in your workplace, it’s smart to store them well so they don’t pose a risk to your workers or company property.

If you want more information as to why flammable cabinets are a worthwhile investment, read on to find out.

Reduce The Risk of Leakage

In the event of a chemical leak, you can see damage to your workplace’s items, structures and people. Employees can suffer from things such as airway, skin or eye irritation, which can lead to long-term health issues. Leaking chemicals and fumes can also cause a fire risk, which in Australia, can be devastating.

Flammable safety cabinets prevent leaks. They do this by utilising a simp at the bottom of the cabinet that is there to catch any leaks from what’s stored in the cabinet. All you have to do is take a look at the sump for signs of leaks and empty it often. Anyone who does this should have the appropriate personal protective gear to prevent any irritation.

Protection For Your Employees

The safety of workers should be a high priority for any workplace. To make this happen, use flammable safety cabinets as they help to prevent accidents, leaks, fires and other such issues. There are so many ways that flammable cabinets can harm people in your workplace and people in the surrounding areas, so keep everyone safe and understand the need for a safety cabinet.


Staying Legally Compliant

The Australian Standards for workplace safety recommend that you safely store chemicals away from any employees, personal belongings, vehicles and busy spaces. These flammable chemicals should also be kept away from ignition sources including sparking electrical systems, pilot lights and hot working spaces.

In order to remain legally compliant, you will need to use flammable safety cabinets. They are a solution to all these issues as they keep the dangers away from the hazard and the hazard away from the dangers.

If you ignore these directions from the Australian Government, you can face legal ramifications such as fines and jail time as well as a loss of reputation.

Keep Flammable Liquids Secure

Flammable safety cabinets keep hazardous liquids safe, regardless of what’s happening in the workplace. If you store your hazardous chemicals properly, they will be safer in the event of a fire, flood, storm, power outage and other such natural disasters. This is because the flammable cabinets are fireproof and leakproof and tamper proof too. They are made from galvanised steel and treated to withstand high heat and have automatic closing doors with safety latches for added peace of mind.

Prevent Security Issues

It’s important for the overall safety of your workplace that you prevent unauthorised access to your flammable liquids. Not only are these liquids harmful and corrosive, but they can also be expensive and used to start fires in your building. With this in mind, flammable storage cabinets always come with locks and tamper-proof doors. This means you can keep your flammable liquids away from people who should not have access to them, and keep your workplace safer in the long term.

Essential For Safety

As you can see, flammable safety storage cabinets are an absolute necessity. They keep your workers, workplace, facilities and environment safe, all while helping you classify and store your liquids. If you’re interested in finding the best flammable cabinets on the market, head to Australia.