The Most Popular Mobile Games in Finland Right Now

The Most Popular Mobile Games in Finland Right Now

There is no room for debate regarding the fact that Finland is an excellent country for gaming. Since Esports Insider first reported on the happenings in Finland in 2017 an eternity in the world of esports it is high time for an update on the situation there. Experts predict the value of the mobile gaming industry to reach €1.05bn (£0.88bn) in 2021, expanding at a rapid clip. Finland achieved that. That was a 23% increase from last year. And there are of course a few companies based in Finland too that have created popular mobile games. You can check out, and see which companies are the best in the gaming industry.

Regarding game types, puzzles, strategy, and racing are popular in Finns. Revenue-wise, the top three games were Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans, and Angry Birds in 2017. The three games here are all published by organizations with good reviews Finnish companies in the gaming category and are also based in Finland. Now look below who is leading the number chart in 2022 for mobile games.

Top 7 Finnish Google Play Store Mobile Games in September 2022 by Downloads

Here is a list of the top downloaded mobile games in the Google play store. These games are not only popular in their category, but in the general category of Finnish apps too.

1. Stick war: Hero Tower Defence

Stick War combines action, strategy, and battle puzzle games. Use your brain to strategize before every drag-and-drop to overcome obstacles.

2. Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys is a 32-player online knockout game. Join round after round of escalating chaos to stumble through levels. Start running again if you fall. Overcome ridiculous challenges and bizarre obstacles to win.

3. Gun Head Run

The gameplay is as easy as a tap. You can participate in games without cost. Play this quick little game whenever you have ten seconds to spare. There are no challenges or tasks that kids can’t accomplish in this game.


The city is under attack from dangerous zombies. The town is in danger. You and your fellow survivors will have to use your unlimited abilities as human warriors by picking up weapons and fending off the hordes of dangerous and evil zombies.

5. Temple Run

You can come to celebrate escaping traps, falls, and a Demon Monkey. Players seeking the original adventure will receive gold.

6. Temple Run 2

In Temple run 2, there is a winter Toyland that makes the holidays magical. Explore a larger-than-life Map with giant toys and treats, a new runner outfit, and a new pet.

7. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is the original hit mobile fruit-slicing game. Unsheathe your sword and start the carnage in three classic game modes. In the fan-favorite Arcade mode, avoid bombs and slice massive combos with Double Score, Freeze, or Frenzy bananas.

Final Verdict

Finnish developers’ ability to break into the international market is a significant factor in the country’s thriving mobile game industry. Older gamers are buying traditional gaming consoles yearly, so the market is growing. On the other hand, mobile and online games, which are cheaper and more convenient than console games, are growing.

The future of the Finnish gaming market is unknown. Some believe mobile and online games will eventually overtake console games as the primary form of gaming, while others disagree. The Finnish gaming market will be interesting to watch regardless of what happens.