Samsung Galaxy A12 gives you always sought-after high-end multitasking system in a fraction of a cost, with expandable memory to suit all your favourite memories, and long-life battery to boot. With a powerful processor and long-life battery you are sure to capture the great in the every day, with a perfectly brilliant display that sparkles with clarity. But what makes this phone so great? Well, read on and find out! Galaxy A12

Long-lasting batteries – The long-lasting feature of Samsung Galaxy A12 is a huge relief for all its fans. As opposed to some cell phones that easily wore out after a few months, the Galaxy A12 lasts for an entire year before even showing any signs of slowing down. This is quite commendable, considering the high-quality screens it boasts of. It also has a neat auto-rotation screen, which takes care of all the necessary work, without any user intervention required. With such a battery, there is no need for you to pay any heavy monthly payment plan, as you will have the phone for a very long time.

High-performance chips – A highly advanced chipset from Samsung puts the Galaxy A12 right at the top of its class when it comes to processors and speed. There is an Exynon processor inside the phone, which is an octa-core processor clocked in at a blazing speed of two thousand six hundred MHz, and has been equipped with four ARM core processing blocks. With this power and speed, you are sure to never get stuck in a fix position. Even if you are running a video recording, this phone will always come out on top. You will be able to run multiple tasks at the same time, thanks to the powerful cores.

Fast charging – A quick charger that comes as a complete package is what you get with the Galaxy A12. The device is able to obtain a charge in just over a minute, which makes it suitable for those who like to keep their gadgets charged and ready for long journeys. A long-lasting battery means that there will be no need to buy a new unit every time you run low on power. This means that you will be able to make the most of your device, for longer. Just make sure that you do not exceed the battery’s capacity, or you may face a brick in the face as it shuts down.

Secure Digital Camera (SD) – The microSD slot can actually double up as a UMD reader, which means that your device can access images and videos that are stored on your internal memory or external memory such as a memory stick. This feature has been highly appreciated by many owners of the Galaxy A12, who have been able to enjoy the benefits of shooting high definition images without the need for a card. If you wish to shoot images and movies directly to the device, you should purchase the Galaxy A12 s pen drive instead. It is also worth noting that the fast charging ensures that the battery does not die too soon.

Productivity enhancements – The front facing camera has seen some changes, too. You can now snap pictures of the people who grace the stage during events, and even edit them to match the facial expressions of those present. The image editing options should prove to be a great way of enhancing the quality of the pictures that you take. You will also enjoy the ability to download the photos that you take on the camera to your desktop. If you do not want to save them to your PC, you can also email them to other Samsung phone users, or upload them to a web directory. Overall, the Galaxy A12 has been designed to be an all round professional camera, which makes it a perfect device for professionals to use on a daily basis.